How To Choose A Proper Dissertation Prospectus Format

Most actions begin with a plan. Sometimes even a request. This goes from blue prints all the way to marriage proposals. In tertiary level education, there is so much that may be expected of you that you may sometimes feel like you are way out of your league. Still, the people who supervise you have a vested interest in not having you attempt more than you are ready for. This is why they make you complete a prospectus before you begin writing a dissertation, the most difficult academic project most people ever accomplish. But how do you do it? The tips below can help you to select the most appropriate format from all of your options:

  • Ask your professor what he or she actually wants
  • This is absolutely critical. There may be a basic format in existence but it is not uncommon for one school or even a single professor to have a slightly different version that they expect everyone to follow if they would like their proposal to be accepted.

  • Have a nice long conversation with the other people in your program
  • If your professor is not very helpful, try asking other people how also have dissertations to write what they think the piece should be formatted as. They may be able to save you from yourself.

  • Look at the regulations listed on your faculty’s website
  • This is also a good place to start especially if your professor is difficult to talk to. The website should have resources that make the process easier to understand. After all, their intention is to make you more ready to succeed not to watch idly by as you fail for a preventable reason.

  • Seek out samples from previous students who were successful
  • Another great way to get on the right track. There are always students whose work stands out in any given year. Seek out prospectuses that were very well received and you will have an idea of how your own should look if you want to be met with similar results.

  • Make a lucky guess
  • To say ‘lucky’ might give the wrong impression. “Educated” would be the more accurate term but luck still has a great deal to do with it. If you cannot find any information and you know a thing or two about formats, you might as well just pick the one that feels most suitable.

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