Creating A Great Dissertation In Nursing: 8 Interesting Topics

The nursing profession has so many sub-fields that a graduate student working on his or her dissertation should have plenty of topics to choose from. Selecting an interesting topic helps in keeping a student invested throughout the entire process – from research to making final edits – and will also help in keeping the dissertation committee invested in the work that is being presented. Here are eight interesting topics that you should consider:

  1. Elderly patients and their refusal to eat. What are the most effective methods to get elderly patients to eat food as part of their treatment? How can nurses be better trained to deal with this issue?

  2. A discussion on the pain management in pediatric nursing. How do different nursing techniques find success in pediatrics and pain management? Are certain techniques more effective than others and how can they be further developed?

  3. How to manage extreme weather conditions in elderly wards. Weather is a concern in many of the elderly wards, but little attention is being paid to how to effectively control indoor temperatures in order to keep patients comfortable and healthy.

  4. How to properly nurse patients with communication problems. Communication problems make it difficult for nurses to find out exactly what patients need for proper care. What can be done to fix this?

  5. What role does intuition play in evidence-based nursing? Most nurses need to make on the spot and need to utilize some intuition based on whatever information they can gather and confirm from a patient’s records. How can this situation be improved to provide more patient protection?

  6. Developing stress-reducing programs for teenagers. Studies have shown that teenagers are experience higher levels of stress because of the demands of school and social life. What programs exist to help teenagers reduce the level of stress they experience?

  7. How to properly treat wounds of diabetic patients. Patients with diabetes need a different and more precise care when dealing with wounds. What are the concerns facing existing treatments and what more needs to be done?

  8. What are the effects of returning to work as a nurse after a period of absence? Should nurses have to go through a re-training or refresher courses before they are allowed to return to a health facility? How long of a period of prolonged absence can be allowed before a nurse is required to get his license to practice nursing?

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