Coming Up With Unique Accounting Dissertation Topics

In order to help you come up with unique accounting dissertation topics, you may wish to look at some of the ideas that have been listed below. In fact, whilst there are only 10 ideas listed below, you may be able to look through them to day some extra inspiration, so as to come up with a range of other ideas that you may wish to write about. Therefore, it is possible that you could turn the ideas below into far more potential titles for your paper.

In fact, not only might you get some inspiration from the titles that have been listed below, but you might be able to combine two or more of the titles, so as to come up with something truly unique. Alternatively, you may have some ideas of your own, which you could then combined with the ideas listed below, so as to come up with something that is different and new.

In fact, combining ideas can be a great way of coming up with unique accounting dissertation topics. As it is, many of the topics that you choose to write about will have been covered in some way by other people in the past, either as part of a dissertation, or simply as an article or in a magazine or any other kind of publication related to accounting. In fact, speaking of magazines and accounting publications, they can be a great source of inspiration when it comes to thinking of ideas to write about; therefore, if you cannot find any inspiration from the ideas listed below, you may wish to look through any relevant accounting publications instead.

  • What accounting techniques do rich individuals use in order to minimise the amount of income tax that they pay?
  • How do multi-nationals exploit the laws of different nations to reduce the amount of tax that they need to pay?
  • How do audit committees examine the accounts of businesses?
  • Compare and contrast two examples of accountancy software that are aimed at small and medium sized businesses
  • How can individuals and companies manage debts more effectively to avoid the possibility of bankruptcy?
  • How do accountancy firms organise and handle the payroll requirements of businesses?
  • How can accountancy firms help their clients to maximise revenues and profits by investing surplus funds?
  • What are the benefits of hiring accountants to take care of personal finances?
  • Do self-employed people need to hire accountants?
  • What is the future of accountancy?

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