10 Good Ideas For Coming Up With Thesis Topics

One of the most difficult parts about writing a paper is choosing a thesis topic. Many students end up frustrated as they sort through research. When students are confronted with an inability to decide on a thesis, some of the following topic ideas can help.

  1. 1. Originality
  2. A thesis topic that has been discussed thousands of time is never a good selection. New ideas make for the best papers. Students should discard thesis ideas that are already written about extensively.

  3. 2. Get Specific
  4. An overly general thesis topic is difficult to write about. If the topic is too broad, students will find it difficult to cover it entirely. Specific thesis topics work better and are easier to write about.

  5. 3. Start Reading
  6. Every class has different requirements and textbooks. One American history thesis may work well for one class, but not another. To get started, students should read through the textbook for ideas about what to write about.

  7. 4. Choose Something Interesting
  8. Most thesis papers require a lot of research. If students are going to spend a great deal of time with a topic, they should pick something that suits their interests.

  9. 5. Check Available Research
  10. A small campus library may not have specific books about 18th century artists. In order to do the research for a thesis paper, students have to make sure that the research materials exist. They may need to visit another library or check online to find the books necessary to complete their project.

  11. 6. Course Guidelines
  12. A professor has a general idea about what they want in a paper. Before choosing a thesis, students should make sure that their topic suits the guidelines for the paper.

  13. 7. Work With Your Skills
  14. High school science classes have far different requirements than a graduate level course. Students should always make sure that they have the skills necessary to actually write about a topic.

  15. 8. Brainstorming
  16. When pressed for time, brainstorming is one of the fastest ways to find a thesis. Students should set a timer for ten minutes. During that time period, they should write down any idea that enters their mind. Afterward, they can sort through this list of ideas for a thesis.

  17. 9. Check Online
  18. There are many different websites that cater to essay writing. To find thesis ideas, students just need to look for a writing website that caters to the subject matter.

  19. 10. Ask a Teacher
  20. When in doubt, students can always ask their professor for help. The professor may be able to offer thesis ideas or books that are helpful. Once the thesis is created, a professor can say whether it will work or not.

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