How to Find a Dissertation Format Template: Vital Advice

Formatting your dissertation can be tedious. Fortunately, you do not have to do it by hand as long as you use a template from a reliable source.

  • Check your university’s database.
  • Many universities have dissertation writing tips on their websites, where a link to the standard layout might be included. That’s the first option you need to check. A layout that has been developed by your university, for dissertation students to use, definitely has all fonts and margins in place. You can simply write pieces of your text in it without setting any formats manually. Note that individual faculties might have their own templates. If your faculty also has one, use it over the university’s general example.

  • Ask your advisor.
  • If you search of the university website yielded nothing, ask your supervisor whether he or she can advise a place to get a reliable template from. There is no shame in asking for assistance with this matter. On the other hand, using a wrong layout could result in a great amount of extra work for you, as you will have to redo the formatting manually, and it might even lead to missing your deadline. Instead of a ready made template, your advisor might recommend a program that is easy to use, and that will help you to produce a neat and accurate dissertation.

  • Ask your colleagues.
  • Every final year student faces the challenge of formatting their dissertation properly and with minimal effort. It would only be natural to share your ideas and experiences with each other. Ask your peers whether they have already found a template to use and whether they know any reputable sources. Whatever the answer, you lose nothing and you might find out valuable information quickly and for free.

  • Browse guide books.
  • Lots of books have been written to assist aspiring dissertation students. Your university library might have a few of them, as well as your local library. Browse these books for any examples they contain. It might be less convenient to copy your layout from a print book, rather than to use a digital one, but you will be rewarded with higher quality in the resulting document. A free template found on the Web can make your thesis a mess, whereas, the one from a guidebook almost never will.

  • Look online.
  • If you need to look for a template on various online resources, check the author’s credibility. When there is no author’s name at all, refrain from using this example. Google this person to view his or her other works and academic credentials. If the person is real, and has necessary qualifications, the example can be trusted.

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