How to Write an Effective Problem Statement for a Dissertation: Tips and Examples 

Knowing how to write a good thesis statement is crucial to your dissertation. Often it shows how good of a writer you are, so make sure you do it correctly. However, this is almost impossible to achieve without prior experience. If this applies to you, do not get discouraged. Below are several good examples to look at, as well as some really good tips to help you out. So, when writing a problem statement for your dissertation, follow these guidelines:

  1. Make it short.
  2. The proper length for a thesis statement is one or two sentences. Make sure to identify the issue you are researching and your method.

  3. Place it properly.
  4. Your statement is supposed to help your audience understand what your study is about, so it will be natural to put it in the introductory part.

  5. Make it specific.
  6. You should focus on one problem and make it as clear as possible. Your audience should be able to understand you, regardless of their degree. What is more, avoid generic and simple expressions, since your tutor will not evaluate that highly.

  7. State your point of view.
  8. A good dissertation statement will not only name the problem, but also where you stand on it. So, make sure to keep it personal to a degree.

  9. Make it original.
  10. It is no good talking about a well-known issue from a well-known perspective over and over again. Try to come up with your own ideas and research the problems you are passionate about. Of course, you may use generic topics to get you started, but make sure to develop them into something of your own.

  11. Make is sound good.
  12. It is very important to choose your words carefully to write an effective problem presentation. Avoid unnecessary humor, excessive quotes and archaic words, but make sure your language isn’t too simple at the same time.

These tips will definitely help you to make your dissertation problem statement a great one. However, take a look at a couple of good examples to get the right feeling of what you should be aiming for:

  • - On statistics and advertising: “It is always possible to support any charge with a careful data manipulation. That is why every customer should be aware of how to treat statistical claims’’
  • - On wild animals extermination: “Some species, like bobcats, are being killed simple because they are believed to be dangerous, when, in fact, there is no real evidence of them attacking people.”

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