Coming With Outstanding Finance Dissertation Topics For University

When you’re studying finance, it’s not just about money. Finance and financial strategy impact everyday life for all of us. Whether on the individual, provincial, or federal level, even worldwide there are the influences of finance everywhere. You can make a difference by writing about and addressing issues in your dissertation. What is it that made you want to study finance in the first place? Going back to your passions and why you want to be involved with money making will help you decide on a topic.

Dissertation writing takes a lot of time and energy, so you should spend it on something you love researching. When thinking about what topics you can do, look at the ones below for inspiration:

Topic ideas for finance dissertations

Hopefully these are enough to get you started with thinking about your topic. You can take any of these subjects and use a different angle or perspective to make it fresh.

  • International commerce—focus particularly on banking. The community of global people need service from finance professionals who are used to dealing with many countries and global laws. International business is a very interesting field that you can talk about in regards to making money in different countries.
  • Microfinancing—thinking about how these loans can make a difference in third-world countries. This isn’t just about the economies of developing countries and their people, but also about the country providing the loan. Your research into small businesses could help a lot of people.
  • The general banking industry—in the world of finance, this can be one of the most important pieces. Since banks are always flowing money in and out, giving loans and paying out interest, it can get pretty complex.
  • Non-profit business—there are entirely different tax laws for finances with non-profits. Lots of owners of small businesses find they can’t compete with the entities that do not pay taxes and fees.

If you’re still struggling with what to write about, you may just want to pick one at random and get started. Along the way, you can change it if you really need to, but since the hardest part is just starting, you may want to stick with the one you chose. Writing such a huge project will take all your attention and focus, so it needs to stay with one topic if you’re to succeed at this.

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