Where To Search For A Decent Marketing Dissertation Sample

Sometimes, it can feel impossible to find any samples of Marketing dissertations that are really good and that have been checked for spelling mistakes, content issues and other problems. However, there are plenty of places where you are guaranteed to find some great examples of Marketing dissertations, and all of them are very easy to find!

  • University Library
  • Libraries at universities very often have past examples of other students’ writing that current pupils are welcome to look through. Therefore, if you are currently studying at a university, always check in the library for great Marketing dissertations before you go anywhere else! Sometimes, academic writing from the past is kept in smaller department libraries, too, so don’t forget to check there, too! One of the best things about this option is that all the examples in the library will have been marked and checked by tutors and professors, and sometimes you can find out what mark the writing received. This way, you can select the best mark and take inspiration from that!

  • Online - search engines
  • The internet is, of course, the second best place to look for dissertation samples of all and any subjects. This has the bonus of finding examples from all sorts of different people from various universities all over the world and is not limited to just the students from your own university, as the option above. The best place to start with the internet is a good, trusted search engine, such as Google. Remember to include the vital keywords - ‘Marketing’, for example, but also perhaps what level you are studying at, i.e. graduate or postgraduate - and off you go! The more specific you make your search, the more restricted your search results will be, so play around with the search terms you use.

  • Online - Forums
  • Sometimes, Google will come up short, especially if you want to know that the example you are looking at is a decent one. How can you tell without someone either telling you what mark it received or what it should receive? This is where forums are sometimes better to find dissertation samples. Here, you can ask people directly, rather than just search the impersonal internet. Set up a search on a relevant forum asking people for their advice as to where to find examples, or even ask people whether they could share their work. If they say yes, make sure to check what mark they received!

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