A Quick Way To Come Up With A Philosophy Dissertation Topic

In a few months you have to submit your dissertation, and you are more and more worried. You did not even find a good topic yet, and you are not very good in philosophy anyway. You know perfectly that you need a long time to write and edit the entire piece, so finding a subject is an urgent issue. Well, you are not the only one with this problem; most of the students have difficulties in finding the right subject. The good news is that if you follow these tips, you will get inspired quickly:

  • Read about ancient philosophers. You will find a nice subject pretty quickly in this way. As you probably know, in Ancient Greek there were many famous philosophers and their books are still considered the best in modern days. You can write about one of them or about the ancient schools.
  • Watch some documentaries. If you are not in the mood to study or make too much effort, you can watch a documentary to find a good subject. You will spend some pleasant time in front of the TV while still gathering information for your project. If you do encounter some interesting ideas while watching, make sure to write them on a piece of paper so you will not forget them later.
  • Discuss with your supervisor. You are required to complete this project under the supervision of a professor, and this for a good reason. He will give you valuable advice on how to build your project and how to choose an appropriate subject. You can ask him to give you some ideas that you can use.
  • Study your school manual. Books can be more helpful than you ever imagined. If you read through the chapters you will find very interesting ideas that can be turned into amazing subjects for your projects. Of course, you have to make sure that the subject is engaging and appropriate for this kind of composition.
  • Go on the Internet. If you have no other choice, you can go on the Internet and search for some new ideas. There are many educational websites where students publish their compositions; you can get inspired from there and come up with something original. If you find an interesting text you can even write down some paragraphs that you will later integrate in your project.

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