How to Find Powerful Ideas for Dissertations: A Quick Guide

When you are trying to find ideas that you can use in your dissertation, it can be difficult. Because, unlike other papers that you have to write this one has to be on a topic that either needs more research done on the topic or you have to conduct your own study before you write yours. If you aren’t sure what you should do for your topic or just need ideas, the Internet can help you with that. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to find great ideas for your dissertation.

How to Find Ideas on the Internet

  • Most students make the mistake of just searching for ideas for their dissertation, then making it specific to the field of study they want the topics from. For example, if you are doing a dissertation on biology, you want to look up topics on that subject just not a broad search for this kind of paper. This will narrow your search and give you exactly what you want.

  • Use the topics and papers that you are given in the search to help you identify what topics have already been done. You don’t want to do a topic that has been done over and over again; you want a fresh one that is in your field of study or one that you can expand on with new research.

  • Use your schools or online databases that have dissertations and theses on file for you to look at. Most schools do have a database but there are also ones online that you can access for free.

  • Another great place to look for examples in different subjects are on college and university websites. Most schools will post their past students work online to help other students pick a different subject to cover and help them write their own work.

  • If you are still having problems with coming up with ideas for your dissertation then you should see your advisor. Your advisor will be able to help you come up with a great topic. And being able to talk to them and brainstorm different subjects that you can cover will get you thinking and since you will be working with your advisor, they can give you help with it. Also, they will be honest with you and tell you if a subject is good or bad, which is what you want for your paper.

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