List of Successful Dissertation Titles in Family Law

A dissertation in family law is a challenging assignment. You should tackle numerous tasks to create a good doctoral project: a specific research question should be framed, suitable resources for relevant cases and regulations should be found, legal authorities should be interviewed, and proper legal terms should be used in the process of writing. Creating a title is a final step to be taken. The title is used not only to name your work. It should summarize what your dissertation is about. Namely, you should inform of your area of interest, hint at the focus of your research, and draw attention to specific outcomes of your research. Take the time to formulate a successful title for your dissertation in family law. The following list of the titles will, hopefully, be helpful:

  • Is child labor a major threat across the globe? – A critical analysis of preventive measures.
  • Dealing with male victims of domestic violence: a case study of gaps in the family law.
  • Reforming the cohabitation legislation: qualitative insights.
  • Shared residence orders: a case study of conflicting factors.
  • A current approach to the law on relocation: a critical analysis of the problem areas.
  • When is the state authorized to intervene in the private lives of families for the sake of children’s safety? – Setting the limits.
  • Problems with dividing finances in divorce: lessons from an American case study.
  • Choosing the residence order for children after parents separate: a critical analysis of basic approaches and gaps in legislation.
  • The law on forced marriage: a qualitative analysis.
  • Fighting increased divorce rates: a critical analysis of gaps in the divorce legislation.
  • Why is it time to reform family law? – A large scale survey.
  • How did the property rights of married women change in the course of years? - A critical analysis.
  • Examining reasons for adopting children by single parents: a qualitative analysis of current regulations.
  • A critical analysis of problem areas in the domestic violence legislation.

As you see, a wide variety of topic ideas in family law can be presented in many different ways. Each of the aforementioned dissertation titles demonstrates specific aspects that you may want to focus your reader’s attention on. When creating a title, remember to convey the essence of your research. Choose components that are the most significant for answering your research question. Avoid components that are not deeply explored in your work. Dissertations are known by their titles, so make sure that your doctoral project is named in a relevant and clear way.

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