How To Write My Dissertation In A Week: A Step-By-Step Guide

Most dissertations are written over a long period of time. But, if you have postponed your project and you have left yourself a week to complete it, you can still get it done. All you need to do is follow the steps to write the dissertation as you dedicate yourself to getting it done. Here are the steps:

  • Step one: Pick a topic. This is one of the most important steps because without a topic, you cannot conduct research. You can begin by writing a list of topics that interest you, then picking one that is no overly ambitious since you only have one week.

  • Step two: Conduct research. You should check that there is substantial research available for your topic. If there is not, you should immediately switch your topic because you do not have much time to conduct deep, thorough research. If you plan to finish in one week, you should find your research in the first two days.

  • Step three: Record your research. As you research, record where the research comes from so you can document it in your bibliography section later. You can save the online pieces you find to apps that allow you access links so you can find the research later.

  • Step four: Plan your time. Once you have the topic and some research, you should plan out the rest of the project. Schedule time to write, time to conduct more research (if needed), and time to complete the writing process. Since most dissertations need to be bound, you should plan to have that done before the end of the week.

  • Step five: Write it down. Start writing your paper as soon as you can. You should already have a thesis based on the topic and an idea of where you are going with the paper. You should try to write as much as you can in one sitting so you have time to revise and edit.

  • Step six: Organize your research. This is where you write your bibliography and the other vital parts of the dissertation, like the abstract and other sections.

  • Step seven: Revise and edit. You should try to find someone to do this for you. If you cannot find some fresh eyes to read your dissertation to find errors, then you need to carefully do this yourself.

  • Step eight: Have it bound. Local copy shops can do this or you might even be able to find a way to get it done yourself. Copy shops can often get the job done while you wait.

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