A List Of Fresh Dissertation Ideas On Health And Social Care

When it’s time to start thinking about and planning your dissertation you might find you need a little bit of inspiration. While you may have found some ideas already during your school work, there’s still that hope you’ll come across the perfect topic idea. Of course, it has to be unique. That means you’ll need to put your own little spin on it to make it your own.

The following ideas will give you a starting place. They are not meant to be the final dissertation topic, because thousands of students will see these. However, all you need to do is a little research into the ones you choose to see what hasn’t been written on yet. You could simply change the methodology to make it different.

  1. In a pediatric ward, how can information be disseminated in the most efficient manner?
  2. Baby P and the lessons learned from the failure of Haringey Borough Council.
  3. Investigating the motivation of child fostering careers within Toronto, Canada.
  4. Has volunteerism dwindled to all-time lows: unexpected impacts in inner-city Chicago?
  5. The implications arising in light of gay marriage and Catholic fostering.
  6. A review of case studies of social care in specific communities: the coordinating of care agencies.
  7. An investigation into the reforms necessary for care workers to be cared for.
  8. What has happened in the health care field in the past decade?
  9. As multiculturalism increases in almost all areas, doctors and nurses are facing language dilemmas when it comes to patient care.
  10. Girls in London face dysfunctional body imaging and subsequent mental health issues. What are the needs for pre-emptive interventions?
  11. Ethical challenges regarding primary research in health and social care.
  12. Physically and mentally challenged people: methodological challenges in regards to primary research.
  13. Children with disabilities: intervention strategies in cases of bullying.
  14. Children of minority groups: investigating the impacts of ethnic and racial discrimination.
  15. Division of the generations: the impact of technology in modern times.

Health and social care is a very broad field and therefore you have many options to consider when it comes to topic ideas. The important thing is to ensure your topic meets the criteria of your supervisor and academic committee who will be reviewing your research and your final paper. For unanswered questions about narrowing down your topic and making it original, be sure to check with your advisor.

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