Where to Look for Free Online Help with Theses and Dissertations

For many, writing a thesis or a dissertation may prove to be one of the more difficult academic tasks to be endured. Each usually demands months of research and weeks devoted to crafting a well-written document that could make or break an academic career. It’s no wonder then that so many college and graduate student require some kind of assistance when it comes to writing these. Considering that students are often short on cash, there is a great need to find help that is as cheap as can be – usually free. Here are a few ideas where you can look to find free online help for both of these projects:

Forums and Chatrooms

When it comes to higher education the online community is a great source for finding all kinds of help. Even with larger projects like theses and dissertations, you’re bound to find a handful of students, recent graduates and sometimes even professors who happy to offer assistance on your work. Generally, people want you to succeed and when someone can offer some help – whether it’s reviewing, editing, or proofreading your work – that person is usually quite willing to jump on the opportunity. Participating in forums and chatrooms, however, is a two way street. So be sure to offer some assistance of your own. You may find that the network of friends you build will contribute to your professional growth down the line.

Academic Tutoring Websites

Students should familiarize themselves with academic tutoring websites the moment they start their classes. These sites are full of valuable resources that are sure to come in handy whenever you get stuck on specific assignments, need study guides for quizzes, or need direct answers to specific questions. When it comes to completing either your thesis or your dissertation you can visit one of these sites to find out information about proper formatting and the best practices to presenting your argument. You may have to wait a day or two get answers to specific questions but it never hurts to post those questions anyways, just be sure to do so in the early stages of your project.

Online Journals and Databases

By this point in your academic career you are likely to have gained some pretty good research skills. In addition to using online journals and databases to locate the evidence you use to support your claim, you can also use these published articles as free guides to help you craft your own paper. Download a few articles and pay special note how each one is constructed, from the placement of the thesis statements to how the conclusions wrap everything up. Reading just a few should give you a pretty good idea and prove to be tremendously helpful.

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