Creating A Great Dissertation Abstract On Architecture

Dissertations are a critical part of the academic life of a student. This is because the final degree depends upon it and it would even matter in deciding your employment in the beginning of your professional career. You should be able to create a winning project so that you can impress your target audience and create an interest for the official committee at your university. The committee members are highly qualified experts and they expect to receive original papers based on innovative ideas. You may not have to write an innovative paper when you are an undergrad but it matters as you grow up and promote to higher grades.

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An abstract is an overview of your entire paper that presents a mini version of your work to the audience to be read in a few minutes. This is mostly used in promotions and emails when your reader does not have enough time to read the full text. Professionals also write abstracts so that the reader can look at it and be convinced to buy the full paper.

To be able to create a good abstract of your assignment on architecture, you should follow the given steps

  1. Complete writing your paper
  2. The first thing you should do is to complete your paper. You can only create a summary when you have the full version available that is to be summarized

  3. Identify your thesis and purpose
  4. Be clear about the thesis and the purpose of your assignment so that you can keep that in mind while writing your abstract and base your abstract around it

  5. Identify the major points in your paper
  6. Go ahead and identify the major points that you have discussed in your paper and that you have shown with evidence to convince your audience

  7. Write the abstract keeping the word count in your mind
  8. Your teacher would have assigned a specific word count to abide by while writing your abstract. If not, you should know the standard limit that you should follow for writing the abstract of a paper

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