A List Of Inspiring Dissertation Topics On Knowledge Management

Writing your dissertation can be tough if you do not have a good topic. Selecting the right topic while writing on knowledge management is very important because the amount of information you will get greatly depend on it. You must not select a topic that has been done before because you have to come up with innovative and new ideas for your dissertation. What you can do is explore a new angel or perspective on an established topic. This way you get a lot of information for your research at the same time get a unique and new idea for the project.

Some inspiring topics that you can base your dissertation on:

  • Research on knowledge management and its impact on third world countries.
  • The best way transferring knowledge from one medium to another.
  • Where to start looking for information.
  • How data warehousing works.
  • How to make profit through data warehousing.
  • How much potential is still left in knowledge management?
  • Is data management a lucrative field of operation? If so, why?
  • Who controls the flow of knowledge between countries?
  • The impact of unequal knowledge sharing between two countries.

These were some of the topics you can work on if you are planning to write your dissertation on a knowledge management related issue. You can also search for more innovative topics to make your dissertation more interesting. A good topic will catch the reader’s attention and also work a long way in impressing your professors. You can be sure that a knowledgeable thesis on an interesting issue will sure get the examiner’s attention. So this way you will get better grades and possibly a better future in terms of your career.

Why you need a good topic

A good topic will lend credibility to your project. You will get all the information from the internet and from various books and encyclopedia. But if you decide to write on a vague or obscure topic then there will be no facts ready at hand. You may have to dig deep and even then come up empty handed. On the other hand if you select a topic which is very broad then you will be overwhelmed by the flow of information. You will have to narrow the angle of your research in order to find anything meaningful on such subjects. So now you know how important it is to select the right topic.

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