The Keystones Of Successful Writing: How To Find Good Thesis Examples

As an aspiring dissertation writer, you need good examples to see proper thesis formatting, layout, and style. Learn where to find them online for free.

  • - Search your university library.
  • Your academic institution’s library is the first place you should check for quality dissertation samples. Many universities keep databases of the best theses submitted by their students. These dissertations are added by faculty members as examples of good practices (although exact grades may be confidential). In short, these successfully defended theses have been collected to assist you in your writing, so use them! Dissertations in university databases are usually sorted by level (undergraduate or graduate) and subject.

  • - Search your state dissertation database.
  • If your university does not have enough good examples in your area, check the student dissertation database of your state. Enter a respective query into a search engine line, e. g. “Ohio dissertation center.” You should then see a direct link to this resource. Make sure that it is an official database maintained by a state educational body (it should have .edu or .org in its name). State databases contain hundreds of dissertations submitted in local colleges and universities. These samples are reliable, available in full-text form for free, and sorted by schools and departments.

  • - Search worldwide dissertation databases.
  • Still don’t have enough examples? This happens when you are looking for dissertation samples in a narrow or rarely explored research area. No student of your university might have ever written on such a topic, while a Canadian or New Zealander may have. Therefore, you may need to go global. Explore such resources as ProQuest, Theses Canada, or Australian Theses Portal. Search by department, subject, keywords, title, or author. You can discover lists of free international and domestic theses databases on university websites and educational resources, or simply by searching the keywords “free dissertation databases” on Google.

  • - Do not rush to pay for “better” samples.
  • You might have heard the advice that the best dissertation samples are paid ones. Given all the abundance of theses in free databases, it is simply not true. Paying for a dissertation example makes sense only if you know you need a particular one, e. g. it is written on a topic close to yours and you can’t find any similar examples for free. Otherwise, a bunch of decent free samples can serve you better than a single paid one, even if the latter is actually of higher quality. By studying multiple examples, you can identify patterns that a successful dissertation should follow.

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