Dissertation Topics In Economics: 20 Problems Worth Writing About

If you need to write the dissertation for your economics course, you need to choose a really flexible topic. Since it is already a rigid niche, your paper needs to touch as many branches as possible and to be highly informative. All the information and the numbers that you integrate needs to be exact and verified, and the language must be suitable for this kind of subject. If you are insecure about your choice, we have some ideas about what you might write:

  1. Loyal competition between businesses. There are certain laws that each business needs to apply, and these have to be strictly followed when they provide their services.

  2. A fast growing company in your area. For sure you know a brand that appeared a few years ago, and they evolved tremendously. What did they make different to have such success?

  3. The hierarchy. Describe the structure that is present in any company and how can this be adapted to increase the efficiency of the employees.

  4. Factors that improve the productivity. There are many techniques used by managers; you can describe some of them or come up with new ideas.

  5. Multi-cultural employees. Although many big brands have workers of different nationalities, when this situation is not handled well it can lead to problems.

  6. Hiring interview. What are the most common qualities that an employer is looking for?

  7. Working from home. The freelancing world became bigger and bigger in the last ten years. Is it really possible to make money from home?

  8. Personal finances. Many people would be interested to know how to adjust and control their income.

  9. Bank loans. What are the rules that apply and what people should look out for when they decide to take a loan?

  10. Life insurance. There are many options to consider and for somebody who wants to cover any negative possibility, life insurance is a good choice.

  11. Encouraging the entrepreneurs. There are several projects that have the mission to support and encourage new, small business especially the ones started by young people.

  12. European funds. If you come up with an ambitious, fresh project and you can make a few years plan for it, the European Union can support you with funds to start your business.

  13. The Economic development of rural areas. Even if there are active efforts in this action, there are still rural areas that don’t have access to modern facilities.

  14. Oil market. Controlled especially by countries of Middle East, describe what makes the price go down and up and where are the biggest petrol reserves.

  15. Hiring interns. Many companies nowadays choose to hire interns even before finishing college, to offer them a chance to evolve and maybe get a full-time job when they graduate.

  16. Monetary exchange rates. How are these calculated, what are the factors that influence them?

  17. Unemployment in Europe. The unemployment rate is very high, especially among young, unqualified people.

  18. Minimum wages around the globe. There is a significant difference between the minimum wage in European countries and the minimum wage in Asian/African countries.

  19. Child support. How is this calculated? Is it actually enough to support a child financially?

  20. Medical system. In some countries, you need to pay for any rudimentary medical intervention while in others everything is entirely free.

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