The Key To Getting An Excellent Sample Of A Dissertation Methodology

There are numerous dissertation samples online and in libraries that can be used when constructing your paper. However, identifying the right sample to use could be challenging. There are two simple ways of ensuring that the sample you get will help you in your academic endeavor.

  1. Get from credible sources
  2. Samples of a dissertation methodology can be obtained from numerous sources. It is the credibility of the sources that determines its quality. Some of the credible sources of sample academic papers include:

    • University websites- to assist students in their academic work, universities, faculties and departments upload numerous samples for use by their students. These samples are helpful in that they contain specific and accurate guidelines given by professors and supervisors. This is a reliable mark of credibility.
    • Academic resource websites- there are very resourceful academic resources websites that can be used by students in their research work. A credible website appears professional including the presence of a comprehensive anti-plagiarism policy. In case you are not aware of a credible academic resources website, enquire from a friend or peer in class.
    • Libraries- university libraries stock valuable resources for reference by their students. These resources are available free of charge. They samples contain remarks and comments by supervisors and professors and are therefore reliable. Inquire from the resident library assistant if you cannot find the dissertation samples on the shelves.
    • As your supervisor- supervisors are tasked with assisting you in your academic endeavor. They are ready to offer resources within their disposal. With their years working in the academic field, they can provide excellent samples on different topics for comparison purposes.
  3. Know the Specific requirements
    • Specific guidelines used in your discipline- each discipline of study has unique instructions and formatting guidelines for their students. With this in mind, it is important to know the specific aspects required of your final dissertation documents. The aspects to consider in this regard are formatting, language, presentation and organization of ideas.
    • Guidelines unique to your university- universities provide specific guidelines regarding the appearance of a complete dissertation. This means that a sample dissertation from one university will differ from that of another university regardless of whether they are on a similar topic and in the same discipline.
    • Supervisor instructions- supervisors and professors give varied instructions from one year to the other. It is upon a student to identify these discrepancies and look for a sample that provides the closest match. Failure to follow instructions by the supervisor will lead to lower marks.

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