Key Characteristics Of A Top-Grade Dissertation In Philosophy


The procedure of composing a decent philosophy dissertation paper can start when you are assessing the works of others; that is, you can be trained or learn by illustration. Sadly, for a mixture of reasons, not all previous works are a great possibility for you to take after and refer. What is more important is to know the characteristics of a good philosophy dissertation and couple of recommendations on the most proficient method to compose your particular paper. Each and every subject has its characteristics although they possess similar structures. In this article, the characteristics of a top grade paper in philosophy shall be discussed comprehensively to your understanding.

Not all papers have the same characteristics, but some apply to most expository papers with philosophy included. The characteristics vary and must be relevant to the discipline of philosophy; it is a requirement for the paper. Therefore, an expository paper cannot be a paper if it does not have the required characteristics. The following characteristics make a good paper;

  • The philosophy paper ought to be an extended piece of work
  • The paper should have a wide range of information that explains the philosophical topic in a better way that can be understood by the targeted individual, community or for exam purposes.
  • Since philosophy involves the study of ideas concerning knowledge, meaning and nature of life; it is important to make some inquiries on how certain individuals conduct themselves. However, the inquiry must be about the topic being addressed in the paper.
  • Must be relevant and capture an interdisciplinary approach
  • The paper must be relevant to the philosophical topic and also defend the points as addressed in the thesis statement.
  • It needs to be written and connected by a range of significant sources; philosophy covers a wide area and therefore, more sources to support the topic are recommended to be used when writing the paper.
  • The philosophy paper needs to be contextualised and exhibit appreciation of the provisional nature of knowledge
  • It needs an aspect of decisive thinking and appraisal
  • It needs to be precise on what it is contributing
  • It needs a well-defined and acceptable methodology
  • It needs to put up to its conclusions and where suitable, have an aspect of reflective explanation together with suggestions

These are some of the characteristics that a top-grade philosophy paper will exhibit, however, as many ideas keep on coming on daily, it is important to read more sources to enrich your knowledge of philosophy.

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