Four Useful Tips on How to Find a Proper Dissertation Example

Using an example when you write will make the job easier. You can even refer to some of your old papers that have received high grades. But, if you have never written a dissertation before, you cannot look at one as you write. Teachers call the process of using examples when writing, modeling. Modeling has been shown to have great results. So, as you begin to write your theses, you will want to search for examples to model. Follow these useful tips as you begin to search for the perfect model.


  • Go to a Professional: When you want the absolute best, you should go to a professional. Do not use free or poor quality sample papers as a resource. You can go to a personal tutor or you can employ a writer or writing company for this job.
  • Free Is Not Always Good: You can find thousands of free examples online. However, you want quality examples, not poor pieces of writing. In tis case, free is not the best route. You may not want to use a sample found online, unless you can verify that is quality and was written by a credible source.
  • Do Not Steal: You are using these papers as examples to help you. You are not stealing someone else’s hard work and paper. You will get caught, and it would be a shame to get all the way to your dissertation and then to get kicked out of school for stealing another person’s paper.
  • Ask Your Advisor: Your master’s advisor should have thousands of examples. For you to scan. He or she will probably not let you take any of these out of his or her office, but you should be able to spend a lot of time with the papers and to take note son what you see. Go see your advisor for free modeling pieces. It is the advisor’s job to take care of you, let the advisor help you.

When looking for a proper dissertation example, you should go to an advisor for aid, know that free information given to you or found online is not always good, do not steal any writing you locate, and ask your advisor to help you on your search. Follow these four rules for finding quality samples of theses that you can use to model.

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