Where To Download A Full-Text Acknowledgement Sample Of A Dissertation: A Quick Guide

In your final year of undergraduate study (or postgraduate), you will be given a dissertation to work on. Trust me, this will perhaps be one of your most difficult tasks to work on! Usually you are required to write a 10,000 words dissertation but there are times when the word count could be higher. To put it simply, you will be required to spend a lot of time researching about it and then formatting it to look professional.

You don’t really have enough time to do that and that’s why you need to get a sample somewhere to help you write your dissertation. Here is a short list of places that I would suggest you to look for first:


The best place to start will certainly be the Internet. Always start your search from the search engine and see what results come up. At times, you may be able to get free access to some dissertation samples and their quality shouldn’t be too bad as well! That’s the beauty of using the Internet nowadays! It’s just so convenient and it’s free (well, apart from broadband fees!).

If you can’t find anything on the search engine, then it would be a wise idea to go to a specific academic website and try your luck there. Normally they have some samples for you, but at times, you might have to pay to access them. In my opinion, it is certainly worth the money because you just need to write a good dissertation to get a good grade! Just think of it as an investment.

University website

Your other option would be the university website. Normally on the library section of the website, you should be able to access most of the articles and publications. However, this is only true when the university owns the copyright to these articles.

As for dissertation, the university should publish the best works that their students have produced. So when you are searching it on your university website, you can be guaranteed of getting a high-quality dissertation sample!

If you struggle to use your university website, all you have to do is just contact one of the staffs and they should be able to sort you out. You have paid your tuition fees for university, so you might as well use the resources available to you!

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